Terms of Use of GoodGames LLC's Subscription Service

1. Acceptance and modification of the Terms of Service.

This agreement is between the software license users (hereinafter referred to as "users") developed by Guangzhou Good Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Good Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Good Games"). This Agreement describes the rights and obligations between the game and the user regarding the use of the Service and related aspects of the Service. "User" means an individual or a single entity that enjoys the subscription service provided by the game. This Agreement constitutes a prerequisite for the use of the Service provided by the User (whether by an individual or a unit) by the User, unless the User accepts the terms of this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to use the Service, and the User's choice of use of the Service will be deemed to be acceptance of the constraints of this agreement's terms.

2. Service description.

2.1 The service is in the user with the automatic renewal of the demand, the user has opened the service under the premise of the user to avoid inadvertent or other reasons lead to failure to renew the charges caused by the introduction of the service, the user irrevocable license Good Games,and the next charge can be deducted from the user's own recharge account, the third party payment account, the bank card, the communication account (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "account") binding to the user account within 24 hours before the end of the user service expiration date of periodic subscription service charges, the premise of which is to successfully debit from the above account.
2.2 Automatic renewal refers specifically to the premise of the basis of 2.1, the game through the account of the user to charge the next billing cycle subscription service fee charge method, the user must ensure that the game can be from the account of the success of the account, because the account The charge can not be charged due to the failure of the renewal, by the user to take responsibility.
2.3 Users enjoy the service, should be "Good Games Subscription Service User Service Agreement" constraints, when users use the service, the user's use of the service as its terms of service and the game for the service issued Of the various types of publicity.
2.4 Good Games provides users with the service are limited to the user in Good Games platform to use, any malicious means to crack and other illegal means to provide the game and the game content of the game platform and the separation of the game, are not part of the agreement. All the legal consequences arising from this are the responsibility of the perpetrator, and the game will be held accountable by the perpetrator.

3. Rights and obligations of both parties.

3.1 The game is responsible for providing the user with guidance on the specific circumstances of the automatic renewal fee, but not responsible for printing the relevant invoice and transfer the service.
3.2 The game is deducted from the user's account and the next billing cycle subscription service fee should be deducted on the same day, and the payment will be credited to the user's payment record, and the subscription service will be extended accordingly.
3.3 If there is an error in the process of charging, the game and the user should closely cooperate with the cause of the investigation, each bear the loss caused by their own mistakes. If the two sides have their own unequal fault caused by the loss of the two sides by the degree of fault to bear the corresponding responsibility. The two sides are responsible for the sharing of responsibility by both sides.
3.4 The game may be changed or modified according to its business development or technical upgrade, etc., the contents of the agreement, the rules and terms of the game before making such changes or changes, the game will be on the Valley of the relevant publicity on the page changes of the contents, but no obligation to do individual notice. If the user does not agree to the modification of this agreement, you can cancel the service that has been acquired and stop using it. If the user continues to use the services provided by the game, the user has accepted the entire modification of this agreement.
3.5 The service has the user to choose whether to cancel, if the user chooses not to cancel, then the user agrees that the game in accordance with certain rules for the occasional deduction attempt, once the charge is successful, the game will be opened for the user the next meter Fee-based subscription service.
3.6 If the price of the game subscription service is adjusted before the automatic renewal, the prevailing price shall prevail.
3.7 The game is open to the user does not charge any fees, but the valley has the right to the game according to business needs or market changes and other reasons to decide whether the service itself to charge or adjust the automatic renewal cycle and service costs, and in the relevant page to the user To be public.

4. Term of agreement expires.

4.1 This Agreement shall take effect after the user has chosen to use the Service until the user terminates the service.
4.2 Users have the rights to view Apple ID account settings, select the subscription, the independent cancellation of the service at any time in the iTunes Store and App Store. After canceling the service, the game will stop providing the service to the user.
4.3 The user's directive on the automatic renewal of the game before the termination of the service is valid, and the fee for the deduction based on the directive is not refundable and the user is responsible.

5. Breach of contract.

If a party defaults, the other party have the right to be compensated through a dispute resolution agreed upon by both parties.

6. Dispute resolution and legal application.

Good Games and the user should be through friendly consultations to resolve the dispute arising from the implementation of this agreement, the negotiations can not be resolved, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the Guangzhou Tianhe District People's Court litigation. The interpretation, validity and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of China.
Guangzhou Good Network Technology Co., Ltd